Robin Lloyd-Miller

Easy Target 1.0.1 Release

Easy Target Fixed! The TLDR: Easy Target 1.0.1 fixes Easy Target’s broken package by including the important scripts in the packages folder. Sorry! The long of it: Sorry everyone who downloaded version 0.0.1 and got a broken sample file! I appreciate everyone who took the time to purchase and give me feedback! It has been a humbling first release for me. Basically- Unity’s Package Manager and Unity’s Asset store are not currently coexisting.

Thank you MAGFest 2023!

Hey Folks! If you were at MAGFest in Maryland, THANK YOU! Vincent and I had a really great time out here, and It was a joy to meet other indie arcade developers. Thank you for coming out and playing Vestigial.

Vestigial At MAGFest 2023 Indie Arcade

What Is MAGFest Super MAGFest is a music and games event in National Harbor, MD. It hosts shows, games of all various natures, speakers, and many more things. We are proud to display Vestigial at the Indie Arcade In MAGFest. Where We’ll be: You can find us around the event! We will be in the “Indie Arcade” which is located behind MIVS in the Atrium. Information: You can Read about MAGFest Here

Hugo / Static Site Generators

On Static Websites- I wanted to write something about my experience making websites and using a static website generator. I wasn’t a web developer- but I had just finished Vestigial, and I needed some way to show it. As of writing this, it’s 2 years into the Covid-19 Pandemic, and I have made an arcade game for a non-existent audience. Rats. Publishing the game became less about a product, and more about a work of art and a demonstration of my skills- a tangible resume.

Vestigial In Retrospect Part 1

Vesitigal In Restrospect: A Post-Mortem. Part 1: Initial Prototyping. I recently finished my game Vestigial after 3 years of labor, love, and sweat. When I started Vestigial, I had had the goal of making a marketable product, a unique and new arcade experience. In 2019 I had thought that market did in fact exist and that it was the right time to try for a couple reasons: the Indie games market was very saturated, and People were getting into retro throwbacks, arcades (predominantly barcades) were coming back in a way.