Easy Target 1.0.1 Release

Easy Target Fixed!


Easy Target 1.0.1 fixes Easy Target’s broken package by including the important scripts in the packages folder. Sorry!

The long of it:

Sorry everyone who downloaded version 0.0.1 and got a broken sample file! I appreciate everyone who took the time to purchase and give me feedback! It has been a humbling first release for me.

Basically- Unity’s Package Manager and Unity’s Asset store are not currently coexisting. They’re close (I think)- Unity’s official assets use the Package system in the way it’s meant to be used. You too can use the custom package system to make your own packages for development, or sharing, or just good ol’ git versioning.

However, Unity’s asset store is based on a legacy system whereby assets are “blobs” and come from the assets directory itself. This meant that without any special tools, Unity’s Asset Uploader (the only official way to upload assets to the store AFAIK) uploads only the assets in the “Assets” portion of the package.

If you’re uploading game art assets, this workflow probably works fine for you (since you’re uploading assets), but If you’re uploading a large backend system, which you don’t want modified but you want used, you’ll want it to be in the packages section. This is why the sample package only was uploaded, but the package itself was not.

I had two options; Move all the code to the assets folder, where it doesn’t belong, or try to figure out how to actually upload a correct package. Luckily, Needle Tools’ Hybrid Packages solves that for us, by allowing us to package the code the correct way. It was a true life saver and allowed us to not have wasted all that time packaging it correctly.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, and for your support! We hope you get a lot out of it!